Our Purpose:

Finding your way in life can be taught sometimes, but there are others out there, who’s doing a lot worst then you. The world is suffering from many things. Battles are being fought within the mind of many.  There’s that child that lacks strength to go on, or that soul that’s suffering with aids or cancer. Animals mistreated and used against there own free will. Our world must united and stand up for all causes, that matter’s the most.

Education is needed, along with inspiration to children all around the world. There are those who’s  giving up on faith. We as a world, need to Provide meaning to one another, to move forward and fight for what’s rightfully ours. The knowledge to learn and gain understanding to the situations we face each day of our lives is important. It prepares us for what’s ahead.

Creating a focus to win, is the main motive. Growing and devoting meaning and understanding, to life struggles, can confuse you and betray your innocents. But in a world full of possibilities and the freedom to express yourself, opens your mind to achieve dreams impossible to imagine.

Our world is suffering with hunger, war and dishonest people, that drain your peace of mind, to reach and open up your thoughts. The Boss Writer Foundation United, understands life and what it has to offer, with faith to fight against all illnesses, pain, struggles and doubt. B.F.U is Fighting to provide understanding to those who lack confidence and motivation to strive and live life, with any obstacles in the way. Gaining all understanding, life has to offer.

Montice “Boss Writer” Harmon

It Starts With You!:

As life develops. More and more I come to realize, it all begin with self! Empowering myself to believe and have faith in change. It’s very important to communicate with one another and share our feelings. It starts as a child. Mother or father always take time out with your children and have one on one talks, sharing personal thought’s. it helps a lot along the way in life, to be open and honest with yourself.
My movement for this foundation, is to bring family’s closer and create friendship all across the world, with word of encouragement. Giving to the youth, only to provide understanding and meaning to life. All we have in this world is us! And we as a world must open our inner thoughts to what’s real and matters the most. Our kids, our crisis, our lives must realize and comprehend situations and answers to world wide diseases and disasters. There are answers and cures amongst us, we must first reach within our hearts and provide meaning as giving to us through, knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

Our Causes:

We Are Boss Writer United Kids.

We as Boss Writer Foundation united, supports all causes of the world. Giving and gaining understanding, is our number one focus. To help the youth (Our Future) provide away, when it feels there’s no way. Encouraging them to move forward in life with aspirations to dream and achieve.

Advice for teens is useful in this time and age. We communicate with them, hoping to motivate them in all they do. Finding their purpose for living and allowing them to give back to their community. We encourage all to participate in such a movement so true. Changing the world a step at a time, for what matter’s the most.

Stories Of hope:

My story would began with my life as a writer. But I know there’s deeper issues in the world, that matters the most, when it comes to survival.

My life has not and is not, perfect and I want to share with you, my story of hope. because I know how it feels to suffer alone and feel there’s no place in the world for me. I’ve made silly mistakes and learned from each of them. At the tender age of  nine, I wanted to be a popular singer and songwriter. Travel the world with big time artists and gain the hearts of many. But instead, my focus became more on writing music, poems and songs. I Saved the best for last, I’ve found myself in all my early life experiences. After the storm and suffering for many years, lacking understand and motivation. Allowing negative people and issues around me, get the best of me. It all came to an end, when my life became fed up with lost. Once I found myself, talents were discovered. and my purpose for living was revealed. I depend on faith and all it has to offer. And live my life and delivered my purpose to the world.

BossWriterPublishing has established books and counting. Founded by Montice L. Harmon in 2004.