New online site,www.muttonline.com, helps writers, photographers, poets and artists link together for a common purpose. MUTT Online is a newly formed company founded in 2010 and is in the developmental stages. MUTT is an acronym for Making Us Think Together. MUTT is striving to bring networking to a whole new level in the community arts field. The home page reiterates this by flashing “Artists helping Photographers helping Writers helping Poets so we can all rhyme together.” MUTT Online strives to bring about peripheral cohesiveness to artists, photographers, writers and poets who are able to capture the essence of the moment and unselfishly share it with others. Anyone going to the site is encouraged to sign up for free. MUTT is striving to sign up 50,000 members in the next 12 months. By the looks of this site, that number may be only a fraction of its membership in the years to come.

Directories for these categories are easy to access through their log in feature, and uploading pictures, information and profiles is easy, even for the novice computer geek. The site itself is aesthetically appealing with a color scheme that is pleasing to the eye.  One would have to wonder why someone in the arts field would not post a free profile for self recognition and promotion on this site.

MUTT strives to not only target these four categories but also all the peripheral resources that surround them. This includes, but is not limited to: book publishers, editors, art galleries, literary agents, MFA’s, photo buyers, photo stock sellers, artists and professionals who write tutorials to help others become more educated in their respective areas. MUTT invites all mentioned to make a profile on its site or post a free ad.  Classifieds also feature such things as art suppliers, want ads and services that reach out to all four focus groups.