“Delivered by Men, Powered by God.” Such is the tag-line of the website MyChristianTeaching.com, a Christian teaching portal connecting people with ministries and their teachings, we pray we’ve pointed you in the right direction.

In early 2007, God spoke a prophetic word to David West, the CEO and founder of what is now MyChristianTeaching.com, informing him that he would be a distributor of wealth for His kingdom. Shortly after, David realized that a true distributor isn’t just someone who supplies consumers with goods, but someone who connects suppliers with consumers.

With over 12 years of experience in web-analytics, David’s passion has always been technology. And so, on December 8, 2009, the idea of creating a digital download store came to fruition.

MyChristianTeaching.com is an online digital platform delivering Christian content via audio, video and electronic production available to access through an easy-to-use checkout process. With categories ranging from Victorious Living, Fear, Emotions, Morality, Marriage and Family, to Success, Prosperity and Pastoral Support, the website provides resources for more than 30 topics.  Once a teaching has been selected, the website allows the ability to sample it before it is purchased.

The future for MyChristianTeaching.com plans to bring new content weekly, as well as expanding the company internationally. The goal is to create a single location on the web with the largest library available for download, filled with content that points people in the direction of improving their lives God’s way.

Thank you for visiting MyChristianTeaching.com. Our prayer is that we have been an extension of His guidance for you. We will be diligent and obedient to what the Lord has to say and that we are able to service ministries, as well as you, to the best of our abilities.