MySportsBroker has created the ProSportsExchange (PSX) representing the leading edge of “Immersive inter-active Gaming” technology. It combines the excitement and the attraction of professional sports with stock market-like dynamics. This in turn creates an environment that challenges the player’s skill, knowledge and strategic abilities allowing players to increase the value of their portfolios and compete in a contest environment. MySportsBroker is dedicated to creating new and exciting games that will attract a new generation of players.

There are currently 30 to 40 million fantasy sports players in the US and the UK. Every major broadcast network and many major newspapers all run fantasy sports games covering all the popular leagues like the NFL and EPL.

MySportsBroker Ltd has developed a new fantasy sports game. Instead of picking a team made up of players from around a league and then following those individual player’s stats from week to week as is the current game, the PSX allows players to form sports portfolios that include professional sports teams from the different leagues. The team’s virtual shares are bought and sold on a Virtual basis and mirror the real world team’s performance in the standings.

Players join the game by registering a personal profile and paying a nominal fee. There are weekly, monthly, and over-all winner prizes that are awarded. The PSX deposits an opening balance of $50K (Virtual) into a player’s account from which they can build their portfolios in order to compete. There is even a Virtual IPO for players to pick their initial teams.

In a recent statement from the president of CBS Sports, Sean McManus was quoted as saying that “CBS Sports is constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competition”. Virtually every fantasy sports game is identical in nature. The current fees charged by these companies range from free to $500 per player and that is just the beginning, players have to pay extra to acquire other players or make changes to their teams during the season.

The demographic of the average fantasy sports player is the Holy Grail of Internet advertising. These players are generally male, 18 to 59 college educated with an above average income. The Fantasy Sports genre has been around since the early 1960’s but since the advent of the Internet the game has exploded in popularity mostly due to the fact that players can check stats quicker and react to that information. The Internet has given players the ability to manage multiple teams giving them more chances to win cash and or prizes.

The explosive growth of the Smartphone combined with fantasy sports players’ insatiable desire to have access to sports info is creating an opportunity not seen before in advertising and marketing. It is the intention of MSB to cash in on this business opportunity.

MSB is going to create a Sports Social Network with the PSX game at its core. Players will register for the game and in return for having the chance to win substantial cash prizes, will supply us with key information about them. MSB will use this opted in for information to help advertisers reach this market. The information we will collect will be far more relevant than other companies can collect because we will have an even broader demographic than usual fantasy sports players. Our players will have that added appeal for financial Institutions.

MSB believes that it can create a database of several million players in the above mentioned time frame. Shortly after creating this game plan we can take advantage of the huge interest in SMS and MMS messaging.

A player who has opted in for updates on his /her portfolio would receive the following example of an SMS message on their Smartphone.

“Good morning Mike this PSX up-date is brought to you by Citibank. Your current balance is $76,540 and # 69 from the lead. Your next updates at 5:00 p.m. yes/no…have a great day”.

We estimate between 2 and 3 messages per day per player. With more and more players getting their info by Mobile we believe that there is going to be a paradigm shift in advertising. We intend to be there.