The National Center For Sustainable Development (NCSD) works to promote a sustainable low carbon economy primarily through the implementation of demonstration projects designed to reduce carbon emissions from a host of industry sectors by advancing energy efficiency, clean energy and renewable energy technologies. The primary focus is on cross-border opportunities and cooperation between the United States and China…the two largest emitters in the world.

The NCSD is launching the China-US Global Warming and Low Carbon Development Cooperation Program (“China-US Program”) in conjunction with the China Clean Development Mechanism Fund (“CDM Fund”), a Chinese not-for-profit organization established by the Ministry of Finance of China.

The NCSD China-US Program, through its strategic alliance with the CDM Fund, will support policy to limit and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and will harness the resources and commitment of Chinese and U.S. government agencies, business, industry, academia and non-profit communities of both countries and channel them into public-private initiatives promoting capacity building, sustainable economic development and investment projects, and practical applications in low carbon development and clean-energy technologies. The China-US Program is officially launched in Washington D.C. on November 10th, 2009.

Climate policy will strengthen both China’s and America's energy and environmental security and improve the long-term prospects for economic growth of both countries.  As demonstrated by a growing body of research and on-the-ground experience, climate policy, if done well, can help to create jobs and spur new industries. For example, a recent study found that California has created 1.5 million net new jobs and grown its economy by over $76 billion annually through policies to reduce fossil fuel dependence. Carbon cap-and-trade, especially when married with complementary energy policies, is a win-win-win for energy security, the economy, and the environment.