NOIZ is a communication & marketing technology platform turning engagement into impact.

It does so by using AI-powered marketing campaigns and data monetization to thwart ad fraud and help businesses create real personalization across customer journeys, resulting in higher engagement and greater returns on marketing investment.

Consumers who monetize their data are rewarded in NOIZ tokens. In the fashion of a loyalty program framework, they can redeem their NOIZ tokens for special offers, and redeemed tokens are donated to social impact organizations. This boosts the profile of the brand that provided the special offer, and this is how engagement becomes impact through NOIZ.

Using an SDK and API, NOIZ has integrated its AI-powered marketing campaigns with WordPress, email service providers, blockchain protocols, ad networks, chatbot services, payment gateways, and messenger apps. An individual person, or team, can build and service their own customizable NOIZ campaigns and even contribute to the growing list of integrations.

Built by a 10-person team—including 1 serial entrepreneur, 1 DSP architect, and 2 lead developers with past experience at AxePay, the Canadian Space Agency, NEM and The Boeing Company—NOIZ is bringing scalability to the worlds of blockchain and cryptocurrency through online marketing and consumer data.