Felix Häusler and Leo Fasbender are the two co-founders of Newsgrape.
The origin of Newsgrape came during the summer of 2009 when they founded an online magazine out of sheer creativity (and boredom, who knows?).

With his intuition for interesting topics, Leo became the Editor in Chief of the team, which had reached over a dozen co-writers by then. Felix, on the other hand, was more interested in marketing and how to reach a broader audience, from a publishers point of view.

One late evening, during the cold winter months, they sat down with their programmer, Gabor, and thought about how to bring the idea of online magazines to a new level to make it more efficient.

So from forming a community for a magazine - like they did with online castings to find talented writers - they moved on to creating a community with its own articles and magazines from publishers and writers for readers - in a mutually beneficial way.