If You Are …

           Seeking to create your next level of financial well-being
           Wanting to attract a life partner
           Wanting a better relationship with your current partner
           Seeking emotional healing
           Desiring increased well-being, energy and stamina
           Looking for greater work and career fulfillment

Nijole (pronounced Neola) has a different approach than other Coaches and Counselors – she teaches you to use your Inner Personal Power, harnessing the Power of your Mind, both conscious and subconscious, to overcome challenges, heal and fully process emotional blocks, and create miraculous results in your life. This powerful method has been proven to be quicker and less costly than traditional psychotherapy, which can take a long time and be quite expensive.

Using the powerful tools of Scientific Mind Treatment, Mental
Stillness, Guided Visualization, Inner Listening and Dialogue, Body Presence, and Heart-Wisdom Opening, Nijole reveals  what stands in your way, and gives you techniques for releasing it, creating space for The More to flow into your life.

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