Nikole Seals is a Cognitive Re-framing Coach, clinically trained Social Worker and Instructor with twenty years of experience in the field of mental health. Her mission is to empower people to discover their “inner therapist” by teaching them the life-changing skills of emotional resilience, cognitive re-framing, and trust in their inner GPS.

By combining learning strategies and re-framing skills with innovative digital technology; Nikole has extended her ability to help people worldwide. To date, Nikole has used her unique coaching strategies to help hundreds of clients overcome their self-imposed limitations. She teaches clients how to navigate life with their own emotional GPS; to re route from feeling anxious & insecure to restored confidence in their ability. Her mission is to teach people how small, cumulative change over time can result in life-changing rewards.

Nikole is an instructor, social worker, and popular motivational speaker at universities, private events, and private and non-profit organizations throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County area. She’s the host of the popular self-help podcast, My Inner Therapist, as well as a published author of such works as: Empowered Parenting, Raising Kids in a Digital World, and Taking Charge of Your Healthcare.