Natural Organized Woman Sorority Incorporated® presents (NowWear®) which is the fashion of America's 75.6 million Women who are Organized Naturally.  Since 2005, NowWear has designed a way that will help women evolve their natural business sense by sharing their marketing resources and providing income for a single or married woman to shape their economic and family needs.  

Natural Organized Woman Sorority Incorporated is the only Sorority representing the interests of all women to become entrepreneurs across the Country with NowWear and marketing of fashions from home.

·        In 2005, Natural Organized Woman Sorority Incorporated (NOWSorority™), formed by Nadirah O. Williams with a mission to create a not-for-profit group for women and teenage girls to join together for fellowship, development and enhancement of their natural talents for commerce.

NOWSorority™ was officially launched in December 2005 with four principal board members. The organization was inspired by the teachings of "You Can Make It Happen:  A Nine-Step Plan For Success" by Stedman Graham.

·        In 2006 NowWear Corporation was formed by the organization as a means to fund NOWSorority, Inc.’s training and educational development programs in the areas of eCommerce, retailing and marketing to boost economic empowerment.  Our members are guided in business, leadership and entrepreneurship, and provided the tools needed to get there.  


NOWSorority, Incorporated features NowWear Apparel’s 2009 Collection. All proceeds raised through membership, sponsorship, gifts, tickets, apparel and advertising sales will benefit Natural Organized Woman Sorority Incorporated efforts to provide education, training and jobs.

Today the organization offers chapters in almost every metropolitan area in the United States. By combining the knowledge, networks, and expertise of its diverse membership, board of directors, and staff, Natural Organized Woman Sorority Incorporated ® works to:

·Strengthen the wealth creating capacity of its members and economic development

·Create innovative and effective changes in the business culture, build Jobs

·Build strategic alliances, coalitions, and affiliations with major firms for more Jobs

·Influence opinion on Domestic Violence

·Attention Deficit Disorder awareness among girls and women

NOWS Inc. is looking to hire an Executive President to provide leadership to position NowWear Corporation®, NowWear Apparel Company® and Dira Clothing Company® at the forefront of the retail apparel industry.

Our Executive President will develop a strategic plan to advance the company's mission and objectives; promote revenue; profitability and growth as an organization. Oversee company as its Executive Spokesperson of Operations to ensure production efficiency, quality, service, training, and cost-effective management of resources.