Founded by Pam Timpson, NuDigi.Tech, a subsidiary of Nu Media Corporation, is a community-based non-profit whose mission is to empower our members and surrounding communities to materialize their dreams through cooperative capitalism. Our vision is to provide innovative learning opportunities that are focused on personal development, leadership, business strategy and development, that help prepare our communities for the future while promoting economic stability.

At the heart of NuDigi.Tech is our digital marketing, e-commerce and public relations workshop series called “The Machine”. These workshops fall within our 4 core Cylinder Programs –Business Development Strategies & Financing, Web & Graphic Design, Audio Visual Content Creation, and Social Media Marketing & Promotion.   Our Machine model represents the flow of large marketing firms. These workshop cylinders, when working together, can brand and monetize any idea, talent, product, business, service, or intellectual property and market it to a targeted global audience.