Of Canadian Mohawk descent, Ohki Siminé Forest is a vision-holder & spiritual teacher who has lived in Chiapas, Mexico since 1985 where she supports Maya social justice projects & fosters the renewal of traditional Native spirituality. Trained & initiated by Maya, Canadian & Mongolian shamans, she has taught a unified practice of ancient Native Medicine Wheel ways in North America & Mexico for 30 years. She is the author of Dreaming the Council Ways: True Native Teachings from the Red Lodge, & a contributor to Original Instructions: Indigenous Teachings for a Sustainable Future which includes essays from John Mohawk, Paula Gunn Allen, Winona LaDuke, John Trudell & Oren Lyons.  

Ohki’s vision is the return of Council Ways through which all people can reclaim the natural dignity, balance & justice that is the true dreaming of the Earth. She fosters the renewal of indigenous spirituality through ancient Native teachings.

She offers transformative Red Lodge learning circles on Council Ways and spiritual warrior/ess trainings, which include guided meditations and journeys, drum circles, breathing and movement practices, and ceremonies such as sweat lodges, fire dances & Limpia cleansing, among others. Ohki also provides personal guidance in the spirit world. She teaches people from all backgrounds how to walk the spiritual path as a True Human, and how to use the Medicine Wheel as an illuminating map for understanding life and death.

Red Wind Councils was founded 30 years ago in Chiapas, Mexico, on the social justice work of Native shaman, Ohki Siminé Forest. In 2005 Red Wind became a U.S. charitable non-profit organization to support the spiritual renewal & social justice struggle of Maya indigenous people. Red Wind sponsors educational visits from Ohki to the U.S. & provides fair trade U.S. markets for the exquisite crafts of Maya people living in resistance to oppression.