One Church // One Voice is a Christian non-profit organization based in Martinez, CA. We are organized to fullfill a divine call to gather the Church, regardless of denomination, from around the world, in Washington, DC.
    The "Gathering of the Church" was planned for November 11, 2011, at 11AM, in Washington, DC, on the National Mall. Plans for this gathering were folded into assisting with the planning of Line in the Sand, in the Rose Bowl, in Pasadena. Christians from all denominations were invited by a unique system of global outreach.
    Following 11-11-11, One Church // One Voice formed "Save America Gathering," and conducted a gathering of the church, the "Save America Gathering,"
on October 20, 2012, on the National Mall, in Washington, DC.
    Presently, One Church // One Voice is one of the prime movers behind "555 Days of Prayer to Save America," which will continue from March 5, 2013, through September 11, 2014. It will end with "The Great Wave Offering," which will ceremonially rededicate the U.S.A. to The Lord.
    The National Coordinator, Robert Berry, believes that the corruption of the Word of God, by man; and, the failure of humanity to act in brotherhood are responsible for the fracturing of the church, and that by working together, the Church may overcome a long schismatic history, and act as the concerted Body of Christ.