Welcome to Operation Veterans Promise!

A Not-For-Profit, Non-Governmental Organization. We Believe The best solution is to keep the team together and that anything worth doing is going to take a collaborative effort. Everyone knows this however, as veterans we have greater experience networking together as a cohesive unit.

Operation Veteran's Promise (OVP) is a newly established not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting veterans across the country who need assistance adjusting and transitioning into civilian life. OVP is also committed to helping veterans find employment, secure education or job training, and obtain housing and sustenance. This includes veterans who are homeless, out of work, and impoverished, and who sorely require material and financial assistance during these economically challenging times. Headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, Operation Veteran's Promise provides U.S. veterans critical life support for three significant phases of transition after their honorable discharge from military active duty.