Many people do not realize how difficult of an adjustment it can be to move from military life into civilian life for many veterans.  Most of our heroic veterans return home from service with  just enough personal belongings to fit in their vehicles. Many also have skill-sets that are strictly combat related making the transition into civilian life a challange.  Veterans are  the brave, dedicated, selfless people by nature.  It is these very qualities that also put them at further risk.

Anyone that has met a hardened military veteran understands that they are the last people in the world that would ask friends and family for help, or express their troubles. People around them will tell them that they will figure it out, He or she is a Marine! Or a soldier! Airman! Seaman and so on.

All this does is add more pressure onto our overwhelmed veterans.  Yes there are many programs offering needed assistance, most of which have requirements based on percentage of disability, discharge classifications, discharge dates, and many criteria that further hinder positive reinforcement.

“Operation Clean Out To Build Up” is here to change these  circumstances.  We will be your shoulder to lean on and legs to run on if you need them. Regardless of the criteria.  We will help every veteran that we can in any way possible, young and old, Whether you served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Vietnam, or any other conflict; we will do all we can to come to your aid.

We are in the early stages of our mission, we will succeed. we will make a difference.

If you know a veteran in going through hard times, have them call us, if they have too much pride you  can call for them.  we have been there. We know how it is.

Thank you for your support.

The Operation Build Up Team!