Organizing Concepts & Designs is a professional residential and office organizing service. We specialize in creating and implementing solutions to organize your home or office space resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. It's a well-known fact that organized people save time and reduce their stress and frustration levels. Who doesn't want a little more peace of mind and time to themselves?

A native New Yorker, Dina still exudes the high energy associated with the east coast…even after thirty-some years in laid back California. That, coupled with her penchant for creating organization wherever she goes, makes her a natural in this business.

Unwittingly, Dina's career choices over the last twenty-five years have resulted in a unique ability to integrate all of her valuable experiences…culminating in Organizing Concepts & Designs. This makes her someone into whose capable hands anyone would want to place their trust.

“Although most of my work experience was in the office environment,” says Dina, “my natural tendency to ‘organize’ spilled over into the homes of friends and family. There wasn't a chaotic or disorganized space anywhere that I couldn't improve upon.”

Dina has the enviable ability to teach her clients – whether in offices or residences – making them comfortable in maintaining and sustaining their newly organized environments. She is able to impart the knowledge that anyone to whom she has given the proper tools can accomplish more in less time in an efficiently arranged environment. To reinforce what clients have learned, Dina offers a complimentary refresher "hotline" for those who need a booster.

“My staff and I are always enthusiastic about taking on a project, no matter how big or small,” she says. “We take pride in the transformations we make possible. It always gives us a good feeling to hear, ‘Wow! Is this my office/kitchen/closet/garage?’”

Dina Newman is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers.  She is also affiliated with Service Magic, a nationally recognized service provider, Business Networking International, the largest business networking organization in the world, and is a member of the Encino Chamber of Commerce.