Reach your target group by choosing the right Media  

For more than 50 years, we have a close relationship with most marine publications on the market. We monitor some 160 different marine titles, or 900 issues per year, to judge everything from editorial quality to print quality, design and type of advertisements. We co-operate with a large number of publications and have the benefit of being able to choose the strongest and best publications as exclusive representatives. As a first step, long before looking at features or secific issues, it is important to decide on which media should be chosen. Below, please find a short summary of the basic conditions an advertising company should demand or watch out for, when choosing advertising media.

Media Plan
For each individual client, with specific products, budgets, target groups and strategic plans, we design a suggested media plan. This is presented as a spread sheet with a cost calculation, which is easily amended if needed.

To choose an advertising agency to co-operate with, we would like to highlight our dedication to the marine market. Important is not only the understanding of the marine media us such, but also our profound understanding of our clients' marine products. As marine media advisors, we have a university degree as Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering respectively, as well as economical and marketing studies. We regularly meet our clients to discuss everything from top-secret product developments to marketing activities such as press-releases, exhibitions, product launches as well as advertising plans. Very often, we do not only meet with the marketing manager, but also product development managers, sales department and the managing director or owner of the company.
With detailed information far beyond most other advertising agencies every will reach, we are able to suggest a most effective and efficient use of marketing budgets.

When the advertising media has been chosen and the media schedule stands, we strongly believe in booking the plan for the entire year. By this best possible positioning can be enabled, as well as the administration is being streamlined.Amendments or cancellations throughout the year are, of course, possible, provided the dead line for both bookings and cancellations has passed (typically 4 weeks prior publication).

Alternatively, we also have some clients, who ask for a short telephone conversation each month or quarter to discuss the media plan and book for the forthcoming period. This request, however, decreases more and more, since companies find it time consuming to go over the media plan several times per year.Since most of the features and exhibitions are knows a long time in advance, many companies use their booked advertising plans as a "default value", only discussing possible amendments if necessary.The advertising material as such can, of course, change throughout the year, without changing the booked schedule as such.

Our work continues also after an advertisement has been published. Our follow-up service consists of checking the advertisement, so the placement and printing quality is satisfactory and according to our instructions given to the publications. Although all measurements are being taken by the publications and by us, it can sometimes happen that an instruction has not been followed correctly. In this case, we lead the discussions on our clients' behalf with the mutual goal always to have a satisfactory situation. Many of our clients appreciate only receiving invoices from one company only, ensuring that an invoice for an advertisement in fact has been booked by them.
Also all invoicing is being handled by our office, ensuring prompt payment to the publications as well as that the invoices to our clients are in line with the quotations and order acknowledgements.