Judith Kitchen’s Ovenbird Books is an imprint dedicated to the publication of innovative and imaginative literary nonfiction.

Founded in 2012 by Kitchen and her husband and literary partner, Stan Sanvel Rubin, the press sought to restore the traditional role of the editor—not as marketer, or public relations expert, but as someone who selects, believes in, supports. Following Judith's vision, Ovenbird Books represents works innovative in style, structure, voice.

In the few years that Kitchen oversaw Ovenbird, the imprint succeeded at establishing standards within new publishing technologies and winning the trust of readers, critics, and other editors all while putting forth books deemed “too literary” by the publishing world.

The press continues to thrive today, publishing new books that meet the spirit of Judith’s vision.  Come in, look around, read a bit, and listen. As Robert Frost said, “There is a singer everyone has heard.”