Overview are leading innovators in the design and manufacture of advanced Sensor Positioning Systems. We develop class-leading, precise positioning solutions that drive a wide range of applications including high-performance and rugged surveillance platforms, covert cameras and military sensor systems, which are manufactured by both ourselves and our customers.

Our sensor positioning expertise is underpinned by our state-of-the-art, Integrated Servo Motor technology. Servotorqâ„¢ technology combines highly efficient BLDC motors, advanced controllers, high-performance servos and precision rotary position encoders to deliver drive solutions with class-leading positional accuracy, ultra-smooth and completely silent motion.

Using Servotorq technology, our customers can develop advanced mechatronic solutions faster and with reduced development and production costs. Servotorq technology has been deployed in numerous markets worldwide, including CCTV, broadcast, video conferencing, security and defence.