The Owsley Foundation was established in 1994 as a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. This ministry is designed to educate, inform, and prepare people for eternal success! Our primary effort is to proclaim Christ's second coming.  We strive to share the "Good News" - so all may "hear and receive" the redeeming gift of life Jesus provided to us through His self-less and amazing sacrifice!

We remain steadfast to carry out this ministry of hope! We are totally based on God's Holy Word provided to us from the Bible. We strive to improve the mind, body, spirit, and soul as Jesus encouraged us through His words and activities. Our organization has advertised nationally in papers and on billboards. We have held special events and sponsored Christian movies. Our outreach ministry involves all ages and even includes assisted living and retirement home services. It is evident that prophecies are rapidly being fulfilled! Many signs point to the imminent return of Jesus! This truly is an exciting time to be alive for believers! BE READY!!!