Over the past few years, education has been pushed to the forefront of issues that need to be addressed in many countries around the world.   There are many people and organizations that are working towards solutions and helping to provide needed resources, but many of there efforts go unnoticed.  How can they reach a greater audience for awareness, and in turn help more people?

The best and most effective way to make a great change is to keep it simple and straight-forward.  Big ideas for change are great, but trying to implement it all at once is chaotic, and a lot gets left behind.  So, we start with helping those who need it the most, the teachers, students, educators, and learners at all levels.  Instead of allowing funds to trickle down from the top, we will build from the bottom up.  Take something simple and easy to understand, give it the purpose of increasing awareness, and use it to raise funds for charities that are working to make a direct difference.  That is the purpose that Passion. Purpose. Legacy. strives to fulfill.

Our overall goal is to give as many people as possible the tools to pursue and live out their dreams.  Whether it's formal or self-taught, we believe education is the key.