We understand the overwhelming interest and desire from younger golfers to have their own brand to associate with and feel confident wearing.  Parents and players both do not want to be limited to a select few traditional moms' and dads' brands, that are over-priced and that do not connect with the millennial golfer.

We aim to be the first apparel company to define the under 18 age group for the golf industry.  In our view, we see this segmentation as critically needed in the industry and should be defined as the "Youth" (under 6 years old), "Junior" (6-12 years old) and "Young Adult" (12-18 years old) age groups.  We feel that by having these age segments defined, locating age appropriate apparel will be easier for consumers.  In addition, retailers will now have a strategic way to market new products and capture new customers ultimately driving new revenue streams for their organizations.  Our focus started out and continues to be the "Young Adult" age group.   This the most critical demographic for the game of golf since it is the age where players either stick with the sport or not.  In addition, these "millennials" have surpassed the baby boomers in population size making it the largest demographic and most "market-able".


Currently, there is a limited number of apparel brands marketing to them and an even less number that focuses on them exclusively.  To us, this represents a tremendous opportunity to become the leader in this segment and meet a need that is critical to the overall growth of the sport.


Our mission is to inspire confidence, individuality and fun through an apparel line that young adult golfers can call their own.


Our purpose is to fill a gap and create a loyal customer base within the overall golf apparel industry.


Our goal is to make ProdigyGolfer® the premier choice for exclusively designed young adult golf apparel worldwide.


Join us in our effort to build a brand that will contribute to the game of golf.  Ultimately, the future of the sport depends on our younger generations. So go ahead, be a prodigy golfer and…



prod·i·gy [prod-i-jee]

n. pl. prod·i·gies

noun: prodigy; plural noun: prodigies

a person, especially a child or young person, having extraordinary talent or ability

golfer [golf-er]

n. pl. golf·ers

noun: golfer; plural noun: golfers

someone who plays the game of golf

prod·i·gy·golf·er [prod-i-jee-golf-er]

n. pl. prod·i·gy·golf·ers

noun: prodigygolfer; plural noun: prodigygolfers

a person, especially a child or young person, having extraordinary talent or ability that plays the game of golf