PROGENEX Dairy Bioactives, Inc. is a sports nutrition and medical company. The company represents decades of research into dairy bioactive whey fractions, peptide sequences and, more specifically, their profound regenerative properties.

PROGENEX products harness the power of the most powerful naturally occurring substance in nature: milk.

While the products are derived from whey protein, PROGENEX is not a protein company. The foundations of the products come from high concentrations of minute protein fragments, called dairy bioactive(s), that are mined from millions of gallons of non-fat milk. Currently being researched at great length in the medical and scientific communities, studies of these fractions have been made for decades, and it has been proven that they serve as nutrient "signals" that accelerate muscle recovery and repair in both sports and medical applications.


Because it delivers unprecedented gains in recovery and strength, it’s no surprise that PROGENEX products are used by an exhaustive array of professional and amateur athletes. Currently, PROGENEX can be found in most NFL locker rooms, and is part of the daily regimen of NFL Pro-Bowlers, NBA All-Stars, UFC Champions, Olympic athletes, Motocross riders, and bodybuilders, and is even powering a dedicated sledder on his trek to the North Pole.

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