Progenex Recovery is a proprietary Whey Protein Hydrolysate formulated to provide a concentrated source of bioactive nutrient that has been shown to recover peak isometric torque (strength) values to baseline (or above )within an astonishingly short period of just six hours following a bout of exhaustive eccentric exercise. Allows the trainee to workout at higher intensity more frequently for faster more dramatic muscle gains.
About Me:
PROGENEX products are formulated with concentrated bioactive milk proteins that drive function-specific activity in the body. These exclusive fractions have been selected for their ability to accelerate muscle recovery, growth, repair and overall strength.

PROGENEX's powerful dairy bioactive fractions are up to 250 times more concentrated than anything on the market, and deliver the complete array of chemical messenger molecules necessary to coordinate cell differentiation and growth. These fractions constitute less than 1% of total whey protein fractions found in cow's milk, and are referred to in the medical community as the future of regenerative medicine.