I’m a eCopy Promos Liaison. I’ll help you enter any market any time you’re ready, upgrade to the most cost-effective way of attracting more clients and the best ways of keeping them buying.

I also write direct-response sales ecopy that helps emarketing managers, business development officers and small business owners start, buy and geometrically grow their businesses.

Plus, I find new profit centers, new streams of income, windfall profits, overlooked assets, hidden opportunities, under-performing distribution channels and monumentally more lucrative ways to monetize a company’s current business model — and I do it all on a pure performance basis.

So, if you want your clients to think about you as much as you think about them–then here’s how I can help:

1) I look at what you are into, do some research online and then see what we can do with it.
2) I test the ideas out in small ways and then ramp up proven results/profits.
3) I bootstrap your marketing investments with my eMarketing, eInnovation and eCreativity approach.

I look forward to meeting you!
Talk to you soon,  
~ jon paul