Paragon Relocation supports businesses as mobility consultants.

We have more than 20 years experience in relocation management with companies throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe

In addition to Destination Services, Paragon is active in delivering and continuously developing new solutions for the management of international assignments.

Our aims are:
-     to reduce costs and enable your company to effectively manage relocation investments
-     to develop streamlined services which melt into your existing organisational structures
-     to increase your competitive edge by making international placements efficient and successful

Our service range:
Relocation Policy and Management
-     Expat policy review and consultancy
-     Relocation assessment programme
-     Global relocation management

Global Relocation Services
-     Visa and immigration
-     Home-finding and management
-     Settling services
-     At-post services
-     Household goods shipments
-     Financial services
-     Dual career assistance
-     Group move management
-     Training and coaching

Additional Specific Dutch Services
-     Local formalities (BSN, GBA)
-     Knowledge Migrant and other work permits
-     Dutch cultural training for individuals and project teams
-     Tax and Social Security support