ParkingPal: Parking Reinvented

It’s simple, click an available driveway, reserve your spot, and GO!

Save Time and Money!

Now introducing ParkingPal the new app that allows people that have open driveways/parking spots the opportunity to rent them out to people in need of parking. ParkingPal will create parking that is more available no matter where you're going. This app is perfect for anyone that wants to make some money on the side renting out their own parking spots. It will also make it easier to find parking for people that could potentially spend hours looking for parking in certain areas.

How it works is simple. The user looking for a parking spots types in the destination they are going to. All of the closest ParkingPal driveways/spots will then appear. The user can then click on one of the spots and reserve it for a set time and are guaranteed a spot when they arrive. For the user that is renting out their driveway/parking spot will have to fill out an application that states how many cars they can fit and for how long. The user renting out the driveway will have to coordinate this with the drivers. Both parties will benefit from using parking pal and everyone will be happy.
The problem ParkingPal solves is the availability of parking in areas that have a lack of parking lots and or street parking. ParkingPal will reinvent parking as we know it.

Stadium/concerts- Do you have a driveway that is located near a stadium? Do you want to earn some extra money? Here’s the solution. PARKINGPAL. Rent out your driveway to however many people you want and earn a profit. You are in charge of how many cars you can fit, the price of each car, and for how long you want them to stay. It’s the new way to make money without doing any work!

City- Are you tired of spending hours looking for street parking? Are you sick of constantly forgetting to pay the meter? Are you tired of getting tickets? Well now there is a solution that can fix all of this. ParkingPal is the new parking app that allows people that have driveway and or parking spots to rent them out to people that are in need. No more worrying about your car on the street or paying high rates in city parking lots. Choose ParkingPal for cheap available parking.

What ParkingPal provides:

No more parking tickets
No more high parking rates
No more spending hours to park
No more feeding the meters every 2 hours

Beaches- Tired of paying a ridiculous amount of money for beach parking? Try ParkingPal the app that allows people to rent out their unused driveways to people looking for cheaper parking.