Micro engineering has definitely come a long way. From the cellular phone to the advent of the micro processor, applied laser technology, micro moulding and finally right down to the modules used on the maiden voyage of the space shuttle. This novel technology involves the miniaturization of mechanics. Just as miniaturization of electronics has resulted in revolutionary advances, microengineering is poised to produce a revolution of its own. Furthermore, microengineering is based on the technology of microelectronics utilizing the same processes, equipment, and skills. The aim of microengineering is to manufacture fully assembled electromechanical devices and systems at the micron scale to perform functions efficiently, conveniently, and not otherwise possible with their large-scale counterparts.

With a suitable choice of materials, electronics can be integrated, resulting in systems with decentralized intelligence. Microengineering holds a potential for impact in fields as diverse as automechanics, medicine, information storage and retrieval, fiberoptic communications, and unmanned space exploration. Now the sporting industry has joined the game! Available to the general public are micro engineered fully operational fishing rods and reels. This isn't a joke. These light & ultra light telescoping rods actually give a fish a run for their money. The days of bamboo rods & a fishing line tied to the end of them are long gone. The fishing rods are enclosed in a hollow pen shaped housing to allow the rod to be taken on backpacking, hiking, cross country & intercontinental trips, otherwise not brought along at all.

The rods are comprised of a thin poly carbon fiber composite which decreases the overall weight of the rod & reel. Each tube telescope to a full 4' -9". The guides are made from titanium oxide and each guide has an aluminum oxide micro insert pressed into them at 110 PSI to allow for a smooth transition of line during casting, fishing & eventually the fight with the elusive fish once it decides to take your bait or fabricated fish offering such as a lure or wobbler. The guides are truly the product of genius. The aluminum oxide inserts  decrease heat & friction which will compromise the integrity of any popular fishing line. The tiny reels are also a prduct of evolutional birth rite. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, rear and front drag systems, 3 - 5 ball bearings & are fully multi-functional. They have drag systems, thumb rests & quite an amazing spool/line capacity. They are made from steel and aluminum alloys which prevent rust and add years of enjoyment to the sport of fishing and the life of the product.

Any of our products by http://penfishingrods.com makes a great gift for the outdoorsman or woman in your life. It's a cleverly fabricated miniature fishing rod disguised as a Pen. It's only 7¾" closed or 4' 9" which is 57" in length when fully opened & comes with your choice of 7 different reels ranging from the world's smallest fly fishing reel to an equally fabulously designed variety of spinning reels both front & rear drag. Then we have the Goliath series rods which are 8" closed & 63" or 5' 3" fully opened and also come with your choice of 7 different reels. We love catering to the backpacking, camping, hiking, boating, mountaineering, EDC, survivalist & hunting communities. Watch our videos on youtube.com created by happy customers from all over the globe featuring our products. Google us, don't just take our word for it!

Here is our online album of fish submitted from all over the globe. http://flickr.com/penfishingrods  

Here is the current world record 21 lb carp
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzxjzkidVMU & an
18 lb carp caught on a Pen Fishing Rod May 8th ²ºº9

Here are some videos with our rods catching BIG Bass!

BASS gone WILD by Penfishingrods.com™ 1
BASS gone WILD by Penfishingrods.com™ 2
BASS gone WILD by Penfishingrods.com™ 3