We love scents! Chances are, you must love them too! Do you want to get your hands dirty and create something for yourself or someone you love? You are welcome to join us.
Together we can create a beautiful, rich and exotic perfume that fits your personality. Or we can explore the 'Art of abstraction in perfumery' and create unique, non-commercial blends. Either way, this will be a unique, sensual way of putting your personality and imagination into a bottle.
We have over 400 top-quality ingredients, flown from around the world. When you start with something amazing, your creation will be truly fabulous.
Image of few of our events are below. Some artistic work from past like 'Smell of 7 deadly Sins', 'Singapore Smell Project', might be on display in some museum. But we are always designing new and unique scent-creations. So, can just ask us to show you the latest.