Perfume Workshop Singapore has collected Aroma notes from around the world and bring them to you. The company specializes in smells of Native Orchids of Singapore.

Your Aroma box during the workshop will have about 300-400 bottles to choose from. You can of course ask for more.

Our work and talk were well received in Singapore Art Museum (SAM), Singapore Science Center, Heritage Festival, Design Week, National Design Center, National Museum Singapore, China Town Heritage Center, Indian Heritage Center and more.

We are Member of Singapore Attraction (ASA) and also Marked as 15 inspiring experiences (#9) in Singapore by STB and YourSingapore.

Perfume Workshop Singapore also Offers:

Bespoke Perfume Workshop: Individual, Couple, Bridal Shower & Team Building
Corporate Perfume Gifts with notes of Native Orchids of Singapore
Halal Perfume as Corporate Gifts
Halal Perfume Making workshops

What to Expect during the workshop:
Perfume Workshop Time: Open Every day (weekdays 10-5; Weekend 10-8)
Screening Location: (90 Goodman Road. Goodman Art Center)
Admission/Suggested Donation: 2

This event is open to the public.