Milano, IT  “ The graphic style follows the highest standards of the usual Japanese animation, to achieve this level in Phoenix Angels team are working professionals with twenty years experience, hired directly from TOEI Animation! “- Phoenix Angel Studios’ founder and CEO Gianpaolo G.

Devil's Legacy is an engaging project that challenges the market with different "weapons"; it is a 100% independent product, free from the "tyranny" of majors or committee or any third opinion. The whole process has at the base the widest imaginative freedom. This is the main quality and the philosophy underneath Devil's Legacy.

"This series is a journey for us, a journey through all the experiences in life that we had in the past.Good or bad, whatever they have been. Sometimes they changed us, sometimes they enhanced us and sometimes they made us sad.

But each of these experiences made us the human beings we are now." - Phoenix Angel Studios’ founder and CEO Gianpaolo G.

This is going to be a journey of the fantasy, with a direct involvement of the viewer, once the third step of the project, the RPG, will be ready. The aim of our project is to tickle all the possible human emotions, creating an extraordinary identification with the characters and the story.

We just launched our crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo to raise funds for making a Manga book in which we explain the Pitch of the Animated Series, called Devil's Legacy.

The goal of $ 3500 will help us to produce a fantastic, jaw dropping 20 page Manga book, fully colored with beautiful graphics.

With the stretch goals we put in, we will be able to create even more than 20 pages of the Manga, or, when we meet all stretch goals, the first and second episode of our animation series! That would be something really wonderful, the best way to get Devil's Legacy started!

This crowd-funding campaign ends on December 12, 2014 (11:59pm PT).