Montana Ranch Brand is proud to offer the world’s premier natural* beef - Certified Piedmontese Beef. The Piedmontese breed of cattle originated in the foothills of Italy and its unique beef has been a traditional favorite in authentic Italian kitchens for many generations.
Today, we have hardworking family ranchers who are raising this delicious, wholesome beef here in the United States. Montana Ranch Brand is committed to maintaining the integrity, quality and superior characteristics of this breed by defining and enforcing strict ranching standards from birth to harvest. Naturally having less fat and cholesterol than traditional beef, our Certified Piedmontese Beef meets the demands of the health-conscious consumer while delivering an exquisite, world-class taste and tenderness with every cut.
Montana Ranch Brand™ Certified Piedmontese Beef is nature's perfect combination of nutrition and taste.  It is tender, juicy, full-flavored beef with less fat and cholesterol than traditional beef. Our Ranchers raise their animals the way nature intended - on open rangelands where they enjoy peaceful surroundings and the finest resources nature has to offer.

To maintain a superior level of wholesomeness, their ranching standards include:

• Raised without the use of antibiotics – ever!
• Raised without the use of added growth hormones or steroids – ever!
• Raised only on vegetarian feed - no animal by-products – ever!
• Source verified to working family ranches for traceability – always!

With nothing artificial and minimal processing, you can rest assured that all Montana Ranch Brand™ meats are tender, juicy, and naturally good for you and your family.