Pierre Dubois is a registered architect in NY specializing in affordable housing and the founder of Gaiaville®, the first sustainable intentional community of its kind. He started his ascension journey at 11 and strives to explain with science the ‘magic’ of the spiritual and supernatural. A gifted healer, spiritual teacher initiated in Mystery Schools, he has studied comparative religions, belief systems and spiritual movements. Pierre is also a certified life coach and hypnotist, regression therapist, Minister, and channel, who pioneered the groundbreaking Celestial Healing® method and specialized in healing the  He has helped countless people on their journey by teaching ascension classes weekly from the very heart of his NYC home, and offering workshops and lectures throughout the country.

He has recently released a ground breaking book about the healing and empowerment process called: "A Primer for Ascension, Lessons Learned on the Path of Enlightenment."

In A Primer for ASCENSION, you will understand how today’s dynamism requires timely and innovative solutions to overcome the global challenges of tomorrow by simply focusing on your individual ascension, and that we are actually living in an extraordinary time. This self-empowering manual focuses on the achievements, pitfalls and signposts that you need to watch for to accelerate your ascension process, and gives life-changing, self-healing tools to help you:

* Regain and own your personal power, tame your negative ego, and remove all your fears.

* Identify your ‘blind spots’, heal all addictions, past traumas and bad habits for the rest of your life.

* Reprogram your subconscious to manifest your true desires and attract universal abundance.

* Master your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and integrate your divine essence.

* Mirror Universal Love and project it back to yourself for unconditional self-acceptance and love.

“The truth is that ascension is not a climb, an arduous task, or an effort. It is a letting go and a surrendering.” – Pierre Dubois