AABCP is a member driven national advocacy organization for post
mastectomy professionals. It is the only post mastectomy association
within the United States and is recognized by Medicare, state orthotic
and prosthetic licensing bodies, state associations, accrediting and
certifying agencies, insurances companies and affiliated with numerous
DMEPOS and Healthcare organizations.

AABCP has developed numerous political, business, agency and media contacts and beneficial relationships over the last 10 years the Association works to benefit of all aspects of the post mastectomy care at both the State and Federal levels.

The definition and delivery of healthcare, specifically post mastectomy care is evolving and that with change, opportunity is born. AABCP feels that by highlighting the unique qualities of both post mastectomy professionals and the medically necessary services provided by Certified Fitters, an open dialog regarding the continued and unquestionable need for post mastectomy will be possible.

Membership dues are the primary source of income for the association and support all of our regulatory, government relations, public awareness and much of our general education activities. Supporting a professional association can be difficult because it is hard to quantify a one to one return on the investment, however there are many benefits to becoming a member of AABCP as the main focus of the Association is and will always be, the post mastectomy profession and industry.