Water from Air

In a world where, according to the United Nations, the global consumption of water is doubling every twenty years, more than one billion people already either have very limited or absolutely no access to fresh drinking water. By the year 2025 the increased demand for fresh water is expected to exceed by 56% of the amount currently available.

The Earths most valuable commodity is becoming increasingly scarce.

With "bottled water" being banned and outlawed from east to west as a result of increasing contamination of bottled water plastic the one hundred billion dollar a year totally unregulated bottled water industry is fighting for survival with consumer groups also raising numerous warnings about a host of different microorganisms and chemicals that have been found in bottled water. Tap water has also been held to blame for 41 million American citizens being supplied with water that was proved to be contaminated with pharmaceuticals.

The Solution: Atmospheric Water Generators

Planet's Water by means of our innovative technology are jointly truly committed to delivering safe, pure drinking water to the world that requires no-plumbing, no-pipes, no-cabling. Just plug into a standard electrical socket or alternatively commercial units can be powered by an electrical generator or solar power at 1/10 of the cost of bottled water.

Planet's Water strives to find the best possible solutions to the planets ever increasing water shortage problems that are becoming an everyday occurrence on news broadcasts around the world as demand for our most valuable commodity increases beyond manageability.

PlanetsWater Corp. both manufactures and distributes Atmospheric Water Generators that require no plumbing, water lines or pipes, just electricity. The U.S. Geological Survey estimates that the Earth has about 3,100 cubic miles of water in the air, mostly as water vapor, but also as clouds or precipitation, at any one time. Through our AWG-30 H/O home/office atmospheric water generator and larger industrial appliances you can now tap into this resource to produce your own natural fresh pure water.

This unique technology extracts water from the air which then passes through a five stage reverse osmosis filtration system that produces deliciously fresh clean water - the cleanest possible water available on the planet.

Planet's Water creates drinking water from the moisture in the air we breathe every day, with no ground pollution, totally independent of any sort of centralized water supply system like bottling plants or municipalities. You can now be in total control of the quality of your drinking water and the security of your family's' health.  PlanetsWater's devices for home/office use will generate from 10 ltrs to 100 ltrs per day of drinking water out of outdoor air in winter and summer to larger industrial size machines that will produce up to 5,000 ltrs per day depending on the humidity of the region. Quite simply, the higher the humidity of the air the greater volume of water produced. The appliances have been tried and tested in every part of the globe and proven to generate fresher water effectively in both quantity and cost when compared to any other water source.

The 'PlanetsWater' AWG-30H/O

The AWG-30H/O home/office water generation machine generates up to 30 liters of pure drinking water per day depending on the specific atmospheric conditions of a particular geographic region. The AWG-30H/O has been proven to work effectively worldwide.

The AWG-30H/O simply replaces the need to rely on municipal water systems, transport, storage and consumption of bottled water. The AWG-30H/O is the first major innovative home/office appliance since the microwave oven and will soon become as popular. This miracle water making machine can reliably manufacture pure fresh drinking water from thin air daily.

The AWG-30H/O is our solution for an ever increasing demand to supply clean pure drinking water worldwide.


Planet's Water can provide you with the solution to your water needs and in doing so will help reduce your ‘carbon footprint’ and achieve both an ecological and economical answer;

Industrial machines are available ranging from 100, 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 and 5,000 ltrs.

Industrial/Commercial appliances are manufactured and distributed worldwide and are completely ‘state-of-the-art’ Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG’s) that produce the purest most natural drinking water available on the planet directly from the humidity in the air that we breathe.

Water - A source of LIFE!