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At Power PR, we offer a broad range of services aimed at achieving a consistent message for your brand and ultimately, making sure you capitalise on the enhanced reputation we help you create in the marketplace. They include:

• Publicity, media relations, crisis management
• Advice on product/service development to enhance media appeal
• Copywriting
• Event Management
• Media Training
• Website Advice
• Graphic Design (websites and digital or printed promotional materials)
• Spokesperson/ambassador identification

Smart businesses know that difficult economic times offer great opportunities to grow market share. They also mean that you have to protect what you’ve got.

There’s no need to cut out your marketing and promotional spend, instead, why not simply maximise the return on investment by aligning yourself to a public relations company that specialises in publicity… and one that charges based upon success!

At Power PR, we operate according to a performance-based pricing menu. Simply stated, if we generate the positive publicity you want, we get paid, if we don’t, well, we HAVE to or we don’t eat!

We can afford to offer this unique pricing structure because our media contacts are second-to-none and we know how to give your business a voice in a cluttered market.

So why not ask us what we can do for you? We don’t charge a retainer and we don’t charge consultation fees. We get paid according to our performance!

Get in touch now so we can explain to you in detail how our innovative pricing matrix works.