Power Swabs Corporation products are designed to enhance professional teeth whitening results. Our products, Power Swabs and Power Start!, use our patented Aqueous Cleaning Technology which employs detergents, solvents and other agents to improve the stain removal action of ALL commercial teeth bleaching products. Power Swabs / Power Start ! Benefits include:

   * Gets rid of the sensitivity (pain) effect caused by dental bleaching.
   * Results are achieved 50% faster.
   * Effective true stain removal action.
   * Whitening results last much longer.
   * Greater patient convenience, safety and much better overall results.

Power Swabs / Power Start ! benefits are clinically proven and the results of the latest clinical study are published in the March 2009 Issue of DENTISTRY TODAY,

Power Swabs is the winner of the 2009 Teeth Whitening Product of the Year Award from the prestigious DentistChoice.Org.

Power Swabs are distributed in the United States directly by the manufacturer to dental professionals. In the rest of the world, the Product is known as Power Start ! and it is distributed to dentists by Henry Schein.