The retail energy industry, a multi-hundred Billion dollar industry, remains heavily dependent on email- and spreadsheet-based processes lacking standards or any cohesive sharing model. The result is that while the channel has successfully established itself as the first choice of the customer for sourcing, the supplier community has struggled to find an attractive economic return on their capital.
Our leadership combines more than 25 years of experience within the energy industry and has intellectuals operating in the world of information technology. powermatrix launched its first end-to-end software for energy brokers – sparkplug – in August 2015. sparkplug was designed to be easily understood and used with a focus on functionality and User Experience. The product has received several highly positive testimonials from our clients, which keeps us going and drives us to develop even more progressive solutions.
16.     We envision a future where a connected ecosystem of customers, third parties and suppliers can communicate and share data seamlessly.  Customers can realize the true value of their energy advisors and transact seamlessly and instantaneously, and market participants can introduce new innovative products leveraging the democratized data ecosystem.