A Vancouver based personal training company dedicated to providing an exceptional standard of service. Operating from a private training facility, Rep One Fitness in Kitsilano, Premier Personal Training offers a level of client care that few in Vancouver can rival.  Through our dedication to specific and efficient exercise selection, we produce optimal results for our clients while preventing injury and ensuring sustainable results.
Our training style is a blend of our scientific and elite education through the National Academy of Sports Medicine with personal experience from our lifelong dedication to sports, health and fitness
We specialize in Posture and Movement Correction, Correction of Knee Valgus, and Rehabilitation, as well as Certified Safe Pre-Natal Training.
Additional services include:
Group Training
Body Composition Improvement
Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching
Performance Enhancement for Sport.
We are endorsed and allied with Kitsilano Seva Physiotherapy and Dr.Armitage Vancouver Sports Chiropractor. Through this health care network, we help our clients move perfectly, feel great and look fantastic.
Reveal Your Potential