ProCom Connections

ProCom Connections is a professional B2B telesales and telemarketing business with 30 years of expertise in Media and Event Telemarketing, a trusted supplier of Entrepreneur’s Circle and with over 7000 client telemarketing campaigns.

Whether you are looking to outsource a telemarketing campaign or long terms sales project from data cleaning, research or event attendance – ProCom connections can undertake any or all of these things in-house: we have the solution.

B2B & B2C Telemarketing Software

Connect Software increases productivity by a minimum of 50%.

Connect Technology is a fit for purpose, software as a service solution (SaaS) for telesales/ telemarketing agencies and call centres. Connect has been developed as a result of 25 years of telesales/ telemarketing experience having successfully completed in excess of 7000 client campaigns.