It’s the Results that count. Leaders know in order to get better results the employees’ have to change their behaviors. Since 1999, in my therapeutic Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practice, I have literally helped thousands of people breakthrough their self-imposed limitations. This work has given me deep insights on how to get individuals and teams to perform at a higher level. I bring this unique skill-set to help organizations in the following areas:

>High Performance Teams: Many teams experience some level dysfunction due to politics, silos, blaming, and complacency. This slows the team down, lowers morale, and productivity. This has a negative financial impact on the organization. Traditional change programs are ill-equipped to handle these scenarios. I have developed a methodology that has a proven track record of transforming dysfunctional teams into teams where there is commitment, trust, and a high level of urgency.

>Executive Coaching: We use a totally new approach to executive coaching. At the heart of my work is the conviction that a person's beliefs drive their behaviors. Traditional coaching tries to change a person's behavior by giving advice, support, and loads of accountability. This becomes a wrestling match when clients hit a challenge that is driven by a limiting belief. We use powerful tools like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to transform limiting beliefs so clients easily change their behaviors and get radically better results.

>Motivational Speeches: I have been invited to do keynote speeches for conferences and businesses in over 12 countries because I deliver a new and unique message that transforms organizations. The delivery is entertaining, educational, and transformational. I speak on the following subjects; Leadership, Improving Sales, and Unleashing Organizational Performance