Prosperity Research, Asia’s leading Social Network Marketing consultancy, is starting to make waves around Hong Kong.  Prosperity Research was acknowledged by Monitor Group, the leading international strategy consulting firm, as presenting a business model three years ahead of the industry. Tomorrow, a leading brand management company, has also identified Prosperity Research has being the only recognised company in Asia that delivers true Social Network Marketing.
Created by Mr. Douglas White in June 2007, the agency prides itself in its deep understanding of online marketing.

Douglas White, Founder, says: “Unlike most online marketing companies that attempt to cut and paste traditional campaigns into the pixel world, our Social Network Marketing campaigns transform client content to engage, entertain and enhance the lives of viewers.”

Prosperity Research’s Social Network Marketing campaigns increase brand visibility online by creating proven and affordable internet marketing campaigns. Brand integrity is maintained while significantly increasing the opportunity for brands to be “found” wherever people search for content. This is done by creating relevant and interesting content mainly videos.

Prosperity Research believes videos are a very effective way to communicate online. They conveys messages through more senses and emotions than other mediums. It is ideal for online marketing. Additionally, they overcome many boundaries of culture and language making it more universally understood.

By doing this, Prosperity Research’s clients enjoy a high hit rate and placement on all search engines for a long duration. Social Network Marketing campaigns also create lifestyles with lasting ROI and momentums that will continue an organic growth rate through word of mouth.

We spent many months studying, learning, and then educating the market about the benefits of Social Network Marketing and we have now performed approximately 100 successful campaigns.  These campaigns cross a wide spectrum of topics including small local and large multinational companies. We maintain a dedicated web presence on over 30 sites and routinely update and monitor 2000.

“We help large businesses act small and small businesses act large”