My name is Ron Zauner.  I came to the Dominican Republic on vacation years ago to enjoy the beach and sport.  Recently, I haven't been spending my time with vacation fun because I have embarked on a more rewarding 'fun' doing something very different.  I'm working on a project to help improve the living conditions in the poorest neighborhood in Cabarete, Barrio Blanco in the Dominican Republic.

I want to invite you to become a part of this effort.  This is an adventure that will add depth and purpose to your life while touching your heart.  From this effort I've become immersed in the culture of this poor barrio.  The people have accepted me as a close friend and they have warmly welcomed others who have come.  

These 'poor' of the Barrio are real people.  Beautiful children, humbled fathers and devoted mothers who are just like us.... but in a tough spot.

Last year I started an organization,  Providing Opportunity for Self Improvement, Cabarete, Dominican Republic.  This is a non-profit charity devoted to rebuilding homes within Barrio Blanco.  The homes we are building are replacing shacks that have been constructed from scavenged pieces of rusty sheet metal and junk.  So far, all homes we are rebuilding have had no bathroom or septic system.  All have been subjected to interior flooding with the seasonal rains. The contamination throughout the neighborhood from the mix of sewage and floodwaters has been an ongoing health issue.  The people living in these homes are stuck.  They barely earn money for food.  We are building solid, basic homes of concrete, plastered and paint with bathrooms and septic systems.

The nature of the project is this:
People just like you have been donating money to purchase building materials.  The residents are providing all the labor to construct "their" homes.  My family is paying all other expenses.  100 % of donations are applied toward buying materials for building with a small amount used to provide food to the workers.  There are no paid staff.

Additionally, you will know exactly which family's home is being rebuilt through your tax deductible donation & spirit of generosity.    
You can come to Cabarete on a vacation or to donate time to help build and see what we are doing with your own eyes.  All financial information is available.  We are a registered Non-Profit 501(c)3 corporation in the state of Oregon, USA.  All tax deductible donations will be issued a receipt with an attorney letter for your taxes.

Currently we have over $115,000 in received and committed donations and are rebuilding 18 homes. We also have poured foundation for a school/community building with medical assistance.  

There are 70 homes in the barrio we hope to rebuild.  Barrio Blanco is situated on 2 1/2 acres in town located behind beachfront luxury hotels for tourists.

There are 360 residents in 125 "habitacions"/shacks/slums.

These new homes change peoples' lives.   The average home costs $5,500 US to rebuild.  We began construction on February 7th 2012 and will continue building as funds allow.  On any given day there are between 20 - 35 residents of the Barrio who show up to help build  "their future of HOPE".  This is a true community effort within the barrio!

Your donation is Direct Giving.  Unlike most charities where your donation is mixed with others so you don't know where your donation was spent, you can earmark your money for specific purposes.    You can sponsor a home to build and be introduced to the grateful family.  You will have a lifetime family friend whose life was changed because you cared!  

You can reach me via email at ProvidingOpportunity@gmail.com  
Our website is ProvidingOpportunity.blogspot.com  

I will personally respond to all emails and inquiries with pleasure the same day.     If you choose to donate, I will be keeping you posted via email of the progress and rebuilding on an ongoing basis. (typically with weekly updates always including photos, some video, and new developments within the barrio).  Will you please give these people a hand up in a way that hadn't been possible before? Transform the "worst" place you could imagine into a hopeful place to live and raise a family.  These people are so appreciative of your help!

What would your life have been like had you been born in a poor place like Barrio Blanco? I ask myself that.  None of us has done anything before birth to deserve where we were born.  I've seen first hand during a family vacation how it makes all the difference in our lives & futures where we are born.

You can make a real and lasting difference for the families of the Barrio. For less than the cost of a used car, family vacation or landscaping you can change the future for a family.    Will you help?      http://youtu.be/n7jFoPDumgs

Yours in Friendship,    Ron Zauner/Founder
Providing Opportunity
85017 Willamette St.
Eugene, OR  USA  97405