Inquiry to Work as an Accounting Paraprofessional on sub-contract basis.

Are you looking for an accurate and affordable bookkeeping-accounting service for your clients?  Do you feel like you’re always doing low-level work in your practice and would like to work on more challenging and strategic accounting and tax issues with clients?  Then let us take your bookkeeping, accounting and payroll processing burden away.

Bookkeeping/Accounting: Yeshwant Mehta & Co is primarily a "Virtual" Chartered Accounting firm from India.  We work remotely from India office for clients across India and abroad.  We are providing bookkeeping, accounting and payroll services to small, medium scale companies worldwide from our offshore center in INDIA. Company is professionally managed by the Certified Chartered Accountant, Mr.Yeshwant Mehta (Member of ICAI, India since 1973) having more than 11 years expertise experience in the areas of bookkeeping-accounting.

Payroll Service: Our online full payroll services for small businesses make payroll easy. Payroll-Xpert allows you to put your hard work and time into growing your business, not running payroll. Payroll-Xpert lets you run payroll online in 2 minutes or less — enter hours, review, approve. It's that easy!

Why Outsource: Accounting-Payroll Outsourcing can help businesses save time and money.  Outsourcing helps generate cost savings between 30%-50%. We offer our bookkeeping–accounting-payroll services at a fixed monthly fee or on an hourly rate, quoted to you up front. Our Hourly Rates ranges between US$9 – US$15.

You’ll find us to be dependable, hard-working and accurate in our work. And our reports to be timely, relevant and reliable.  If you believe your firm would benefit from this alliance, then email us with your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

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