About The Team
Paul Reyes-Fournier
    Bachelor’s in Physics
    Master’s in Business Administration
    Member of the Society of Professional Journalists
    Florida Contractor’s License
    Florida Real Estate Broker’s License

Lee Reyes-Fournier
    Master’s in Counseling and Education
    Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy
    Member of the American Psychological Association
    Member of the Society of Professional Journalists

We have been featured on MomLogic.com (A Warner Brothers Company) and we are in TMZ.com’s blogroll. We were featured in the Miami Herald in October of 2009, which was then syndicated throughout the country. We are frequent keynote speakers and will be speaking for a second time at SheCon in May. We are Voices of the Year Awardees two years running. You can find our work in Loudest Girl and the BlogHer anthology.