Motorsport is where people with particular drive and ambition come together to create extraordinary opportunities for innovation and development. In such a specialist field you need specialists to find those candidates and who understand the intricacies of the functions they have to fill. ‘Recruitment In Motorsport’ (RIMS) does not bring you your ‘run-of-the-mill’ high street type of recruiting. We are focused on bringing quality candidates and employers together in an efficient manner. With our 25 years+ in the industry we understand the characteristics and skill set that Teams are looking for. Our services function as an extension of your current capabilities:

   We head hunt and target particular candidates according to our employer client needs.
   We use clever means to attract a range of quality candidates for permanent as well as contract positions.
   We consult and manage high profile candidates seeking new opportunities in Motorsport.
   We provide tools for candidates to post CVs,  or Résumés, and employers to post jobs. Both sides have a range of tools to manage their job and candidate search and to make it as efficient as possible.

Whether you are a candidate seeking new challenges or an employer seeking to fill a vacancy, RIMS is very well positioned to act fast and efficiently to meet your needs.

Opportunities come and go at a blinding fast pace, both for employers and candidates. Many of those opportunities come through our doors, so don’t hold off letting us know who you are and what you want, even if it is only through dropping us a note; it will get the ball rolling. Employers can register jobs and candidates can register their CV’s on this site. The important thing is that you start talking to us so that you do not miss out on the opportunities that around right now or coming up in the near future.