Rose Marketing Alliance (RMA) is a full service Media Marketing Management firm. Our primary business is providing marketing communications in the form of Special Events Management, Advertising, and Promotional Activity Services.

We refer to ourselves as a full service firm because in addition to planning Marketing Communications for businesses and organizations, RMA also has the corporate capability to fully execute those services for its clients.

Today, we live in a Marketing world where the consulting and service functions primarily exist mutually exclusively from one another. Many firms perform Marketing activities through an internal staff or hire consultants, then outsource vendors to facilitate the implementation process.

RMA’s goal as a company is to bridge the gap between consulting and services by having the ability to manage all activities from Primary Research to Public Relations under one contract. We fulfill this goal by the formation of strategic alliances with service providers. We take pride in creating our own primary qualitative and quantitative research analyses. Alongside our staff of consultants armed with vast scope of practical media industry knowledge, we commit ourselves to providing each client with a focused viable solution to meet their needs.

Rose Marketing Alliance: We Connect People With Places, To Make Things Happen