After losing my husband of 24 years to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (or ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease), I’m ready to meet the challenge of being a single mom, an entrepreneur and a faith based motivational speaker. With the launch of Spirited Prosperity, I’m committed to helping other women triumph over tragedy.

I hold a BBA from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. After I graduated, I focused on a career in Marketing Communications with an emphasis on advertising. Most recently I’ve sought out smaller venues for growth and learning. This search has culminated in private coaching and training with Chicken Soup for the Soul series creator, Jack Canfield.

I’m now beginning the next chapter of life my as an author, speaker and coach. By drawing upon my experiences and deep belief, I’m realizing my dream of lending support, offering inspiration and sharing my faith.

Our Mission

Spirited Prosperity’s mission is to inspire believers to access their reservoir of faith fortified with Biblical truth and personal testimony.

We believe that there is a powerful place inside us, a reservoir of joy, faith and positive energy. Even in our darkest moments, we need only to seek the Holy Spirit within us. I strive to inspire and encourage each of you to activate that spirit. My goal is to serve as an inspiration for accessing its solace and strength.

Our Commitment

To help women access that reservoir and use it to fuel their growth, and achieve the success that God wants for them.

Our Message

By reaching deeper, we can achieve bigger dreams with this amazing super-natural power. By accessing and embracing the Holy Spirit we can go beyond our imagination.


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