Founded by Radial Engine enthusiast Mitchell Boulton in 2012, Radial Engine Innovations, Ltd. represents a revolutionary approach to manufacturing the world's most highly mechanically and fuel efficient internal combustion engine. The 9 cylinder Radial Engine is engineered to achieve up to a twenty percent (20%) decrease in fuel consumption, cleaner CO2 emissions and, alternatively, the adaptable use of alternative fuels.

REI’s goal is to have the redesigned radial engine revolutionize a number of industries and marketplaces in the United States and around the world. To date, REI has successfully won approval for twenty-one (21) patents for its “Continuously Variable Transmission” (the “CVT”) with additional filings to follow which will result in complete worldwide patent protection for the CVT and all of its adaptable applications.

Radial Engine Innovations, Ltd. is firmly committed to the revitalization of the “rust belt heartland”. REI has enthusiastically embraced Canton, Ohio as its manufacturing site and employment headquarters.