Rain Water Solutions has been working with government agencies and non-profits for over 15 years, using our rain barrels as an education / outreach tool for water conservation and water quality issues.

The Ivy Rain Barrel offers features not available in retro fitted barrels and has a nice aesthetic that appeals to a larger demographic. It also comes with everything the homeowner needs to set it up and start collecting rainwater right away.
You can look over the services we include with all programs at RainBarrelProgram.org.

We run programs all over the country with a rain barrel that is made here in the USA (NC) of 100% recycled plastic that is a premium barrel.

Ivy is designed to efficiently nest inside one another so we can fit 33 on a single pallet or 858 on a 53' trailer. Ivy is made in the USA to exacting standards ensuring the highest quality and a very affordable price point. All of Ivy's components are made in the USA as well.

Ivy fills a need with a more attractive rain barrel as opposed to the bright blue or white rain barrels thus reaching an even larger demographic for your program. Our rain barrel program is scalable so as the program grows it is easily managed. We also have data collection available for you so you can track sales do a survey or contact them at any time. The data we collect is available to your organization as part of the services we provide. The data is never sold or shared for any reason.

There are no up front costs and the educational website is completely free. It is a great resource for your citizens with FAQs as well as an installation video. We also link a maintenance pdf for the barrel as well as the MWD rebate form. We want to answer any questions up front so once a purchase is made the customer is comfortable and confident enough to set it up as soon as they get home.